Sep. 13th, 2006

I twisted my knee at TKD on Monday night. I came down badly from a flying kick, and I knew as soon as I landed that something went wrong. I heard/felt a "pop", and that's one of the things that can signify bad, bad things happening in a joint. Oh yeah, and it hurt. I went down, and my very wonderful, responsible, sweet classmates (and their parents, when relevant) started running around getting ice and calling an ambulance and fetching my husband. It turns out it wasn't nearly as bad as I was afraid; when the doctor in the ER tried to make it move in any of the unnatural ways that indicate torn ligaments, it was solid (didn't move), so that's a huge, huge blessing. I'm on crutches currently, but it's probably going to be a matter of a week or two, rather than the months (and likely surgery) that a torn ligament leads to.

So I'm sick to death of the crutches already (my hands hurt), and cranky and fidgety as all get out at being inactive and slow and dependent, but I'm trying to not be too whiney and grumpy, because it could have been much worse. I just have to remind myself of that multiple times every day. ;)



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